What’s the plan?

Don’t worry, I’m not treating this blog like a one night stand at a seedy motel off of I-95. I do plan on visiting, and frequently. In fact, let’s make it official.

I promise to post significant content every Sunday.

Does this post count as significant content? Let’s pretend it does.

With all seriousness, I’m going to start putting up segments of my short stories as I write them and shorter pieces that I complete for competitions. Feel free to tell me what you think, positive or negative, as my intent is to become a better writer, not to feel warm and fuzzy.

Because, to be honest, warm and fuzzy feelings usually indicate a nerve condition. At least that’s my assumption.

So stick around, poke about, and allow me to entertain you with a story or two. Maybe we’ll both have a bit of fun.

Psst…I need your help

Look – I don’t have much time.  There’s no telling when they’ll strike again.  I’ve been running and hiding and writing for 18 months now.  My luck can’t hold out forever.

I need topics.  Ideas.  Concepts.  Something to write about to keep them from guessing about what I’m researching.  You feed me the faint dreams you think could make a great story, and I’ll work on writing it up.  Look for the clues in the plots, the threads of continuity that tie everything together, and maybe we can finally get out from under their thumb.

Got a partially fleshed out character you think could carry a tale?  Pass it to me.

Have a pulse-pounding plot you think would keep readers on the edge of their seat?  Feed me.

Whatever you do, keep reading, and don’t let them guess what you’re going to do next.  I’ll keep checking this post and will reply if I need to talk to you.

Good luck.  And thanks for the help.